Key figures

Pricer’s financial performance is summarized below with the help of a few overall key ratios. In addition to net sales, other relevant metrics for the company include operating profit and net profit.

Key Ratios for Pricer in short

KEY RATIOS        
Amounts in SEK M
Order intake843222230208274286520189
Order intake - rolling 4 quarters15049349981287126812251174872
Net sales237.8232.5270.7261.9386.5406222180
Net sales - rolling 4 quarters1002.91151.61325.11276.41194.51061848.8833.5
Operating profit24.024.834.117.629.03120.19
Operating profit - rolling 4 quarters100.4105.4111.697.689.17766.557.5
Profit for the period19.
Cash flow from operating activities123.1-1.8-27.355.159.1-52.649.128
Cash flow from operating activities - rolling 4 quarters149.185.234.4110.883.749.2111.724.4
Number of employees, end of period135129126124115113111104
Equity ratio72%72%66%66%69%60%68%77%