Key figures

Pricer’s financial performance is summarized below with the help of a few overall key ratios. In addition to net sales, other relevant metrics for the company include operating profit and net profit.

Key Ratios for Pricer in short

Amounts in SEK M
Order intake231234218189180
Order intake - rolling 4 quarters872820731667783
Net sales253,0193,8206,7174,2188,0
Net sales - rolling 4 quarters827,8762,8779,0776,4757,6
Operating profit16,920,511,07,216,6
Operating profit - rolling 4 quarters55,755,463,969,164,1
Profit for the period10,816,17,74,018,0
Cash flow from operating activities24,510,0−38,2−4,563,3
Cash flow from operating activities - rolling 4 quarters−8,330,589,4148,7174,0
Number of employees, end of period1041041049894
Equity ratio78%73%75%77%78%