Key figures

Pricer’s financial performance is summarized below with the help of a few overall key ratios. In addition to net sales, other relevant metrics for the company include operating profit and net profit.

Key Ratios for Pricer in short

Amounts in SEK M
Order intake222230208274286520189
Order intake - rolling 4 quarters9349981287126812251174872
Net sales232.5270.7261.9386.5406222180
Net sales - rolling 4 quarters1151.61325.11276.41194.51061848.8833.5
Operating profit24.834.117.629.03120.19
Operating profit - rolling 4 quarters105.4111.697.689.17766.557.5
Profit for the period27.032.219.325.827.428.45.8
Cash flow from operating activities-1.8-27.355.159.1-52.649.128
Cash flow from operating activities - rolling 4 quarters85.234.4110.883.749.2111.724.4
Number of employees, end of period129126124115113111104
Equity ratio72%66%66%69%60%68%77%