Interim Report January – March 2006


• Increased net sales of SEK 67.5M (50.6), an increase of 33 percent

• Decreased result after tax of SEK -21.9M (-13.2)

• Result per share of SEK -0.03 (-0.02)

• Orders received of SEK 160.0M (51.6)

• Gross margin of 16 (22) per cent

• Decreased operating result of SEK -21.0M (-14.4)

• Liquid funds of SEK 56.3M (44.1)

• New order from Carrefour France of SEK 120M

• One additional Leclerc region in France commits to Pricer ESL with an order for about SEK 23M

Important issues after end of the reporting period

• Pricer acquires the industry colleague Eldat Communication Ltd, Israel, and issues 261.8 million shares (Class B) in an issues in kind

For further information, please contact:
Jan Forssjö, President and CEO, Pricer AB
+46 8 505 582 00